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  1. First Elected Race Leader and Council

  2. Solo Package

    Username . ryandinero IGN xTokyO race: ACC Printscreen:  https://imgur.com/xjNnSN0 fb name : Ardhii Yee Dinero
  3. Closed Beta Test Event

        screenshot1 : ttps://imgur.com/i3kb1dL screenshot2 : https://imgur.com/393wIRc like and share : https://imgur.com/UQDo73I username : ryandinero IGN         : xDhieR1 username : ryandinero1 IGN         : xTokyO
  4. Closed Beta Test Event

      IGN ; xDhieR1 CLass : gunner usernamme : ryandinero IGN: xTokyO class : Gunner username : ryandinero1 i have screenshots but i dont know to download the Photo both my account have reach lvl 40  
  5. Solo Package

    sa CBT bato or sa OBT nah?